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We're here to contribute to the continued sustainable growth of the creative industry of Trinidad and Tobago. 


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Meet our resident Crayons.

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Rawle Murrell

Brand and Service. Rawle spends alot of time worrying over both. He personally feels that…. ah what he personally feels isn't under the microscope here… Not that it affects his state of mind daily: He leaves that up to his 6 dogs and 2 Cars (oh did he mention he's a car nut?) But outside of that, he's spent the last 7 years (15 in total) understanding Brand Awareness and Reach. Somewhere inside that scope lies: Creative Director, Copywriter, Lecturer & Project Manager.

Let the ole talk Begin.

Dionne profile pic.png

Dionne Mc Nicol Stephenson

An actress, singer and attorney at law. Specializing in the areas of Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property. She has served as a Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company. Director of Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries. As Chair of the Creative Industries Sector Advisory Committee of the National Training Agency. Dionne currently manages a law practice. Consulting in the areas of Film and Television Production and Live Event Production.


Mark Gilbert

They call him SYNAPSE... The missing link, Mark has the ability to solve creative problems that test the upper limits of his resourcefulness, imagination, design savvy and skill. A Brand Strategist and Entrepreneur at heart, finding and filling the gaps is what Mark lives for.

 Mark's passion for creatively solving design and non- design problems has enabled him to work with clients such as BPTT, The University of the West Indies (U.W.I), YTEPP Limited, The Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and Gayelle on various creative and innovative projects.

On any given Sunday, when he's not coming up with the next big idea, you can find him "running ball" in a 5 a side small goal sweat.

DMC profile pic.png

Dhano Mc Nicol

A passionate, twenty-four hour creative junky, admirer of sexy typefaces, lover of words, aspiring life long learner, casual gamer, proud Chelsea fan and Regional Creative head of one of the Caribbean's largest retailers. If he was a crayon, he would be mystic-smokey-slate blue. Follow him on twitter and Instagram @dhanoman. #StayPassionate #KeepMovingForward. 


Meet our contributing Crayons.

Nneka Luke

Nneka is a brand and communications professional with a passion for the world of film. At the moment she is actively contributing her experience to the development of the emerging film industry in T&T and the region. She will be exploring film through these articles - history, reviews,  musings, perspectives, and whatever else catches her attention.

Nikeisha Joseph

Advertising creative, photographer, reader, writer, listener, talker – Nikeisha is always eager to dissect society, culture, history and people (in all their complexities) through her creative efforts.