Shane 'Rizon' Gibson

Shane 'Rizon' Gibson describes himself as a Gospel and Inspirational Artiste. We tend to agree with that description. His music carries strong positive messages - lyrics that touch a nerve with melodies that soothe and or invigorate as needed. Get to know Rizon a little better through his 20 Shades.

1. How do you define creativity and what does it mean to you?

Creativity to me is unique expression. Unique expression makes life exciting.

2. How much of your creative ability do you think is innate? Or is your creativity a skill that you have developed?

I believe it is innate but of course my environment an experiences have helped to shape it quite naturally. When I recognized the potential myself, I began to develop it on purpose.

3. When did you realize that you wanted to express your creativity? Was it encouraged by others (e.g., parents)?

I loved to draw and paint throughout primary and secondary school. I found poetry and music during 6th form in secondary school. Poetry became an avenue to vent and cope with certain stressful situations in my life at the time. I was raised by a very supportive single mother.

4. What is your standard for evaluating your own creative work and the works of other people? Do you think that monetary rewards can be compatible with creativity in general? Are monetary rewards relevant to your own work?

My standard for evaluating my own creative work and the works of others is deeply personal. In both cases I am most interested in how this body of work impacts me and stirs emotion in me. If the intended emotion was created, then I say bravo and well done. After this I have to step back and consider the commercial appeal, that is, given current trends and culture will the masses feel the way I feel?

I suppose money could never truly reward creativity simply because it is always unique and one of a kind. No two voices are exactly alike; no two paintings are exactly alike etc., etc. Whether it is appreciated or not, its uniqueness would make it invaluable I suppose. But money helps, because creativity can be quite expensive.

5. Do you think your own perception and evaluation of your creative endeavors are influenced by the views of other people? What role do you think the culture that you live in plays in your creative efforts?

My perception and evaluation isn't influenced by the views of other people. Well… maybe slightly, and at times. Music is continuously evolving (or devolving depending on where you sit). The market rarely accepts music submitted that doesn't somehow conform to the trending pattern. And so with this in mind I have to be smart as an artiste and somehow meet the expectations while staying true to myself, as one of the main goals remain... I want to be heard by as many as possible.

6. What do you do when you experience a creative block?

I walk away from creating and enjoy another activity. My heart will call me back to work when the time is right.

7. How do you make the leap from a "Spark" in your head to the action you produce?

Sparks "be flying" all the time. I try to evaluate quickly which spark is worth the investment of my time and ultimately my money. When I find that worthwhile spark, I immediately flesh out as much lyrics as I can and record the melody on my mobile device. I'll play with the idea some more before I determine, surely I am going all the way with this one, or if it goes to the waste bin.

8. Do you have any special rituals that you do in order to achieve your creative goals?

My creations must positively impact upon the lives of its viewers, so I pray.

9. Has your creativity changed stylistically as you have matured? If it has changed, please explain how?

I am open to listening to what's out there and what's bubbling and so I am open to influence from a wider range of people and musical styles. I was much more closed off when I started.

10. What has been the greatest sacrifice that you have made for your craft?

Being away from my family will rank the highest on that scale.

11. Who or what has helped you to persevere and not quit?

The who: my wife and my mentors. The what: my devotionals that include bible study and prayer.

12. Do you believe that it is important to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work? Explain.

Doing what you love would be ideal, but if one is seeking to make a living from one's creations, being accepted by others becomes important.

13. Has rejection ever affected your creative process? Explain.


14. Looking at what you have created in the past, would you change anything today? Why or why not?

No, I love to see the growth. Things went down they way they were supposed to.

15. Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt?

Yes of course. Before I started I was in major doubt, even in spite of the many compliments I would receive from friends and strangers, and even doing very well in talent shows etc. At one time, insecurity defined me. I am grateful that I did not allow fear to stop me from trying.

16. What piece of work are you most proud of? Why?

I don't have a piece of work done in the past that I am most proud of. I am always most proud of the work I am doing currently.

17. Have you helped or mentored anyone else? Is there someone that you see (name drop) that you would like to Mentor?

Yes I have done lots of mentoring in the past and continue to do so today. There is one young man that stands out in my opinion for his skill level, intelligence, ambition, commitment, maturity and humility. His name is Brandon Best and he is a Gospel Artiste.

18. To a young Creative emerging in your field, what advice would you impart unto them?

The field being gospel music, carries a goal that separates this genre from all other genres of music. Therefore, love God for real. Hunger for His will. Study His word and obey It. Talent without this is meaningless.

19. What would you most like to be remembered for?

Real and tangible, positive and lasting impact on many, many lives.

20. If you were a crayon, what would be the name of your colour?


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