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3 Essential Keys You Need to Bring Your Ideas to Life.

InsightsDhano Mc Nicol
3 Essential Keys You Need to Bring Your Ideas to Life.

This being the genesis of my blogging journey, I wanted to share how I got to this point. What helped me to move this project from a thought that I had in my head for three years to you now experiencing it.

My catalyst for getting a move on with this project was the advice I got from Scott BelskyAdobe's Vice President of Products-Community and Head of Behance. His book, Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality. Offered great insight. He interviewed some of the world's leading innovators. Who revealed their methods for pushing their ideas to fruition, time and time again. It laid out somewhat of a blueprint which I could take and make my own, which I'll share in the following text.

1. Find clarity

Most of us get all caught up with the vision and the mission, which are key to making your idea happen. The vision is the birds eye view of your idea - I'm going to make the most awesome app ever. The mission is the execution of the idea, the day to day tasks that will help bring the idea to life - we will have the best UI for our customers.

At the center of the vision and mission is where you need clarity. Clarity is the strategy and lays the blueprint for the mission. Clarity asks the hard questions. The who? Why? Where? How? Without those answered you can't move on.

Clarity affords focus.
— Thomas Leonard

2. Focus

As simple as the word is, I find focusing one of my greatest challenges. Even as I write this my mind is buzzing with a million thoughts about this and that. Assuming, that you have committed to making your idea happen. You will need to have a single minded focus when it comes to executing your idea to give it it's best chance of becoming a reality. Have that Steve Jobs laser beam kind of focus. Say to yourself, "I'm developing this thing, with this feature" and remain focused on that goal until it's done. Focus will get you from point A to B in the shortest period of time.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.
— Jim Rohn

3. Be consistent

When it comes to executing your idea consistency can be a great ally in building momentum and keeping the ball moving forward. That's where discipline comes into play, which can be another key that we could add. While executing this idea, I without fail, spent one hour a day working on some aspect of the the project. Consistency helps you to focus on the long term and not so much on the short term thrill you get from starting something new.

In conclusion. Getting a grasp on the concepts of these three keys, clarity, focus and consistency, will have a huge impact on the execution of your ideas.

What helps you execute your ideas?


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