Nikita "Kit" Joseph

Nikita Joseph better known as Kit, is an illustrator. Determined and dedicated to his craft, he credits the late and great Dr. Pat Bishop in shaping his definition of creativity. There is a sense of community that exudes from Kit, juxtaposed beautifully by his individual aesthetic. 

Asked how he would define creativity, Kit responds "Pat Bishop said it best, 'creativity is saying something in a way, if said any other way, it would not be understood.' Well she told me quoting someone else, so as far as my memory serves, thats what she said. It was an important lesson for me because it means that the work has to be relevant to the receiver and to the creator. So if there is a moment of good work to me it means I'm in the right place at the right time, in more ways than one." For him, in a box of 12 crayons, more than six would denote the amount of his innate ability. He's always been able to express his creativity through artful illustration, and thankfully, he's always been encouraged by those around him.

...saying something in a way, if said any other way, it would not be understood...

Knowing and doing are sometimes miles apart. This is sometimes also the case when it comes to appreciating a good work, and putting a monetary value to it. When it comes to evaluating his work, Kit knows when it's good or when it's bad. As for the appropriate monetary reward, not so much. "I think when it comes to illustration, despite knowing what I like, I know what's good and more so what's bad. I'm not the be all and end all of anatomic or perspective critique, but I am confident I know enough. So with that knowledge, i judge myself. I try to enjoy making it, which isn't much of an effort, and I try to enjoy the end result... I think monetary rewards are compatible but please don't ask me to. I'm still having problems valuing it myself. I suppose it is sort of pendulous of me to not be confident of a dollar value for work I do, but still know a certain amount isn't enough. I accept the paradox there and it's a work in progress for me. I like to do the charity work." There's that sense of community we admire. 

even though I’m not as good as I want to be, I am better than I was

Kit's approach to his work is quite individualistic. When he get's a spark, he grabs a pencil. If he has a creative block, he distracts himself, "try not to beat myself up too much about it. If I need to engage it, I supposed I do what's comfortable." He admits that his creativity has changed stylistically as he has matured. "I have gotten more confident and that has gotten me excited enough to continue exploring. But its all in a quest to become better.

That's not to say that there has not been rejection or doubts. Kit sees rejection as an opportunity to better justify creative decisions, not necessarily a negative thing. As for doubts "I don't think that's a past tense situation. I just remember even though I'm not as good as I want to be, I am better than I was. And that's an encouraging thought.

Kit is most proud of the work he did in Tales of the Enchanted Chamber - A Parliament Comic. "I found a balance between my job (the day to day that he constantly reminds himself it's ok to have so he does not 'scrunt') and my passion and I think its a win for everyone that it is done. And it was dedicated to someone special so there was a lot riding on its completion."

I’m not the be all and end all of anatomic or perspective critique

We were curious as to what advice Kit would give to a young creative emerging in the field of illustration. His response "I mean I feel like I am still emerging myself, so my advice, to me even, would be to keep going. Trust yourself." Kit would most like to be remembered for a graphic novel or children's book, still to be produced and published. And if he were a crayon, the name of his colour would be Autumn.

You can follow Kit and check out more of his work on Deviant Art