Reah Lee Sing

Relatively new to painting portraits, Reah Lee Sing hosts her first solo exhibition at Medulla entitled "In This Room". We asked Reah to share her thoughts on creativity and being part of the creative community. She is positively positive! A Crayon to remember.

Reah defines Creativity as the God-given freedom to imagine. Her creativity is derived from intuition married with keen observation. The rest, according to her, is hard, consistent work to develop the necessary skills. An avid reader and from very young, Reah says her creative journey started when she  tried to draw the landscapes and scenes that she read about. "I wanted to make sense out of the words. My parents always took an interest and provided me with classic books and drawing material to stimulate my imagination."

As for creative blocks, what are those to Reah?  "I do not know what is a creative block. I have moments when I am physically exhausted and unable to focus. I also have moments when I may be more able to do physical work in the studio such as building and stretching canvases, rather than focus on fine brush work on a painting. I then adjust my mind according to those moments, and continue doing one type of work versus another type. There is always something to do in the studio, such as priming, varnishing, drawing etc which all contribute to a day's work. In this way, I never waste a day because not everyday is a painting day. The important thing is to consistently produce. Einstein is quoted as saying that 'genius is 1% creativity and 99% hard work. I believe this. Daily, I pray for sharp intuition and creativity.
I avoid speaking to people on the phone whilst I work, and I push away negative and unproductive thoughts...I never doubt that I will accomplish what I set out to do." Didn't we tell you she was positively positive?!

When asked about her favourite work to date, Reah responds "All. Each painting is a process which takes weeks. I become intimately involved with my subject over this time, so it is very difficult to put one piece above another. They all require the same creative energy and commitment".

To a young Creative emerging in her field of endeavour, Reah would say this: "If you have made a choice to be an artist, then it is like every other profession, it takes hard work and dedication to evolve in a unique way. And self development is a continuous effort."

Reah would like her work to touch people who stand before it, and lift them up with positive energy. If she were a crayon, the name of her colour would be Yellow. A regular ray of sunshine! 

You can see more of Reah's work at her exhibition which continues at Medulla till August 20, 2014. We encourage you to go check it out.