Elise Romany
Change is constant, adapting is ideal. I consider change to be growth...
— Elise Romany

Elise Romany is a Photographer who dances, sings, and “creates anything really”. She believes that “Creativity in essence is ones expression, whether it is shown through a photograph or through a painting. It's how I choose to see/capture my subject.” 

Elise’s photographs seem to be alive with movement. Maybe, it’s due to her earlier explorations with creativity, which thankfully, was encouraged by her parents. In her words “when I was a child I found out that I could dance and from there I expressed creativity through movement. And still to this day use movement as a medium to express my work.” While she has no rituals per se, Elise listens to film scores and any type of cinematic music (from the likes of E.S Posthumus, Hans Zimmer etc.) while editing. Can you tell?

To young Creatives emerging in her field, Elise would say “Do not give up, stay humble, research as much as you can, collaborate with your equals and be around people that support the heck out of your dream!” As far as changing stylistically, Elise says “Change is constant, adapting is ideal. I consider change to be growth. As opportunities came, investments and improvements followed” – We think that’s some solid guidance right there.

If Elise were a crayon, the name of her crayon would be Aurora (Borealis), representing the northern lights.  Fittingly enough, it’s also the name of her photography studio!

You can view more of Elise’s work on her website,  contact her by email eliseromanyphotography@gmail.com or follow her on Facebook .