Jerome McClean

As a PhotographerJerome McClean sees Creativity as a conception of the mind as well as the heart... a way for you to express yourself as well as your passion.

Jerome's drive for photography started at around 13 years old but as he puts it "it was more of a want to do it but never got the chance to do it. Growing older when liming with friends, when we go clubbing or house limes , I tended to always end up with a camera in my hand and snapping photos. Then when technology changed it was random photos with a cell phone".

On speaking of the how the culture he works in affects his approach to work, Jerome explains "Our culture is quite happy go lucky, so in most instances as Trinbagonians nothing stresses us. And if it does, it's maybe for a short while and we're at it again. So that's good in reference to ambition, even if you hit an obstacle along the journey, you move it out the way and continue going forward".

Jerome's general approach in moving from spark of inspiration to finished product is preparation. He states "key is to write down that spark or jot it down in your phone from the time you get it. Then it's a matter of getting the essentials best suited for that particular idea or project. From the makeup artist, to the model, to the props... all depending on what you wish to produce. It's all about precision."

Jerome admits to exploring and being more conscious of being creative and artistic with his ideas and concepts now than when he first started of. And states without hesitation that the makes sure to have fun while he's executing those ideas.  

So who and what pushes Jerome to continue, we asked. "God firstly, continuing to give me the strength to do what I do. My Mom , her face lights up especially when I take scenic shots and she braces me one time and say "I want that photo on my phone" Lol. Xplicit Entertainment, Zamora S, 1ndividual Aesthetic , WGKO Crew, Ann-Marie, Alianna and a couple others well. I have some really supportive people in my life... The what is simply the word "passion". When you're truly passionate about something nothing and no one can stop you from achieving. You strive for success no matter what."

At the moment, Jerome has a special pride for two specific projects - UTT's Dance Showcase: Anansi & The Drum and Our Island...Our Culture... We are Carnival. Jerome explains why.

"Taking photos for UTT's Dance Showcase : Anansi & The Drum was just....amazing. Capturing the movements, the expressions, the emotions all at the right time and seeing it being displayed in the photos. Looking at them you can feel as though you were sitting right there in NAPA." 

"The second piece would be my Our Island...Our Culture...We are Carnival photoshoot concept. The piece really speaks out and simply shows who we are and what we respresent. The gems, the paint, the mud all different aspects of carnival combined as one. The unity, the vitality, strength and much more."

To a young Creative emerging in his field,  Jerome would say "Believe in yourself, have faith, keep on track. I assure you there are going to be some down moments but that is what makes you stronger. Take the negative turn it into positive and don't let anyone discourage you from your dreams, your goals, and your passion. Don't forget as good to people."

If Jerome were a crayon, the name oh his colour would be..."*drum roll please* : Awesome Sauce (Color would be red). Lol"

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