Jovander Pacheco

Jovander Pacheco is a Photographer/Videographer for whom Creativity is expression in its most raw form... “producing your dreams; bringing YOUR unseen world to a reality. And its means EVERYTHING to me”

Jovander believes that creativity is innate for everyone, but with respect to learning the particular art form through which she chose to express this aspect of her creativity – photography and videography - she is self-taught, and still developing.

“Its actually only within the last 2-3 years that I made the decision to truly explore my creativity through photography. However it was the end of a contract in the corporate world and the realisation that my happiness lays in a creative place/industry. That’s how I truly decided to simply chase my happiness and enjoy the journey no matter its' course. It was not encouraged but it was supported after the decision was made. :)”

Asked whether her perception and evaluation of her creative endeavors are influenced by the views of other people Jovander didn’t hesitate to state “I have never been one to listen to the noise and even more so now that I have learnt to listen in my silence and obey the Universe. I perceive how I perceive, the only influence is life itself, not the opinions and rules of others. (I can be a bit rebellious, lol)”.

With respect to the role the culture in which she lives plays in her creative efforts Jovander says “My culture has a certain level of freedom and expression that isn't common in a lot of other places in the world. There is being West Indian and also being Trinbagonian - which both offer such greatness. We are happy people. We love fun and sun. We love to sing and dance. We're vibrant and full of colour and positive energy. We naturally have this light that I don't experience from others (not that I have travelled the world and seen it all, but…). And all this is expressed in my work because I love to make people feel good and see the beauty in everything around us. For me it's easy to feed off the energy of my land. It gets clouded and noisy just like anywhere else, but as long as you understand how to connect with the energy of the place and forget the rest, it will be good vibes.

Jovander is most proud of  producing content for her YouTube channel, in particular her 'SelfMade Souls' series which is a series of interviews with local, mostly younger, talented and underrated creatives that gives some incite into their story. "It is what I am proudest of because that entire thing, from concept to creation is/was a one-man show :) and even though it is only 3 episodes in, the feedback is quite satisfying. I like that people are connecting with the stories which was my intent more than anything".

If Jovander were a crayon, the name of her colour would be Cosmic Collision... “it would be like a tie-dye mixture of colour... Is that OK? :)"

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