Kasey Ramoutar
It’s what gives rise to the game changers and trend setters

Kasey Ramoutar is a Motorsport Photographer and an Engineering Student. For him, Creativity is expression of the mind, heart and soul. "It's what gives rise to the game changers and trend setters." To me creativity is directly linked to core values and from that I think you can tell a person's character based on their creativity.

Kasey's take on whether creativity is innate or developed is as original as his angles on his photos. "I think it's fifty-infinity: I have 50% ability innate, but the infinity part means I have developed it further without an end cap. I will always improve. Not trying to be vain, I think that's applicable to everyone you would always find away to think up something that's purely ingenious." 

So, how does one get started on a path of Motorsport photography, you might ask. Well...we asked.
"Right from the start I've always been a car guy, but it was in 2006 when I started reading articles online and I stumbled upon an article on trinituner.com while it wasn't the article so much, the photos blew me away. How did they get those shots? That's what got me interested in photography. I instantly started reading about automotive photography. However, at that time I didn't have a camera to actually practice. It was in 2010 I started going to car events and I had access to a point and shoot camera, problem is with those you lack quality and zoom. I was forced to become creative with my composition. Then in early 2014 I was able to purchase a DSLR and now here I am, being interviewed. :)"

Kasey's standard for evaluating his own work are in his words, high. "I've benchmarked my work against that which is produced by speedhunters.com and they produce very good stuff! I one day hope to be featured on their website in the #iamthespeedhunter category where they give the stories of upcoming photographers...kind of like this interview. :)  For the works of other people I honestly can't evaluate much beyond composition, since the editing used is very subjective and dependent upon what the photographer is trying to portray."

For him, money cannot be compatible with creativity, it's not something you can buy. Only practice can help one to be more creative and no monetary rewards are relevant to his work. "I do this as a hobby. I saw a poster before that said everyone needs three hobbies, one to make money, one to keep you fit and one to keep you creative. Photography is the one to keep me creative."

Kasey doesn't allow the views of others to influence his shots"Most people unless they are a photographer themselves, can only say "good shot" or "bad shot". Most people would not appreciate the effort that goes into taking a photo. So I try my best to not let those views influence my creative efforts. Regardless of what people do or do not think at the end of the day I am the one that set my own standard, and only I can achieve it."

So what has keep Kasey going along this road? He credits his perseverance to the daily motivational speeches from Jaret Grossman, which he's been following since  he was an A'Level student. These taught him a lot about core values. Lessons which have helped him meet his personal, physical and creative goals. 

As for being accepted as creative by others, Kasey says "I don't think people can truly accept someone for being creative. I more believe that doing what you love is enough to justify your work due to the effort you put in and the drive you have. If you are happy with your work then that is good. However, I don't think one should become complacent - you should always push to better yourself." That's it. Always push to better yourself.  Sometimes "Dah good" is not good enough.

Kasey values  his journey, wouldn't change anything if he could. "Photos in the past always show me what I could have improved and even the "bad shots" still have a high value in motorsport photography. My old photos from 2010 show me how far I've come, and I think that's important because it keeps you in check.".

At the moment, this is the work that Kasey is most proud of. I'll have to say it's the shot of the green wheel with the very low angle that was sent in the email.
Asked why, he responds: "Why? Have you seen that shot? Out of the box composition at it's finest! I've never seen a similar composition to that one." He's got that spunk.

To a young Creative emerging in his field, Kasey would say "Read! Everything. I learnt from stuff I found on the internet. If you really want to learn about photography just do your research and also learn your camera inside out and just practice, practice, practice."

Kasey would like to be remembered for being an out of the box photographer. And if he were a crayon, the name of his colour would be Midnight. "Yeah that's probably a black. I love the night, it's usually quiet and do all of my thinking then."

We'll be looking out for more of Kasey's work. You can check him out on Facebook, and follow him on Instagram.