Garth Voisin

Garth Voisin is a writer and motivational speaker whose goal is to encourage others to become more along their life’s journey. We'll learn about his struggles, self-doubt and how he overcame them.


I always had a lot of thoughts going through my mind, so journaling helped me transfer those thoughts

How do you define creativity and what does it mean to you?

Creativity for me is mainly expression. A way we find to express ourselves, especially when we feel misunderstood. It's a process of drive, passion, but most of all freedom.

How much of your creative ability do you think is innate? Or is your creativity a skill that you have developed?

For me, some of it has been developed over time, but creativity has to be something you're born with and comes naturally. We all possess a gift that throughout our lives needs to be nurtured.

When did you realise that you wanted to express your creativity? Was it encouraged by others (e.g., parents)?

I've been journaling for some time now, and it was not supported. Friends around me didn’t understand the need for journaling as they didn’t do any of it themselves and what was common knowledge about journaling was not only girls did it.

I always had a lot of thoughts going through my mind, so journaling helped me transfer those thoughts and ideas from my mind to the pen to the page.

I guess that's why I found an outlet in writing to express my creativity.

What is your standard for evaluating your creative work and the works of other people? Do you think that monetary rewards can be compatible with creativity in general? Are financial rewards relevant to your projects?

The response I get from people I don't know helps me in my process. I consider my writing "relatable " so once I connect with even one person I've done what I set out to do. My books are for sale, but I always end up giving some away, so financial is not always the main priority.

Do you think the views of other people influence your perception and evaluation of your creative endeavours? What role do you believe the culture that you live in plays in your creative efforts?

I think at times along the journey it does influence the perception and evaluation of my creative endeavours, but then I have to re-evaluate where I am, just how much I’ve accomplished and kept moving forward. The creative process for me has to be freedom, the freedom to express myself in my own way, opinions of others not included.

The culture or environment you’re in can either be the fuel you need to be expressive and extremely creative in or limit your process altogether.

There are days when you have to create the environment you want to be in

Does your creative work come easily or do you struggle with your ideas? What obstacles (if any) do you experience when you are creating? If you do face obstacles, how do you get past them?

For the most part, it does come naturally but now and then I do hit some creative wall. There are days when you have to create the environment you want to be in, so that could mean keeping to yourself so you can spend time alone in your mind.

An idea is merely a cool idea until it is acted on

Is there something that you do to put yourself into a creative state of mind? If so, what? How do you make the leap from a "Spark" in your head to the action you produce?

Lately, I've been doing some mediation and some simple breathing exercises that help the process. As for the spark into action, I've been self-motivated for a while, so I have the understanding that an idea is merely a cool idea until it is acted on.

Was the way you express your creativity now always your ambition? If so, when did you know for sure?

It was not! I never thought I'd be writing and speaking on my journey of life. In 2009 I decided that my journaling and writing should be shared because along the way I realised just how many of us go through the same experiences but feel so alone. I wanted people to see that they were not alone, and the response from the people I‘ve interacted with plays a considerable part in the success I have today.

Overcoming the challenges was hard, but I always believed

What has been the most significant sacrifice you have made for your craft?

The most significant sacrifice would be leaving my home ( Trinidad) to see what other opportunities were out there and how I could become more along my journey.

Right now based in New York City. A few years after coming to New York, I ended up homeless in upstate NY for a bit, lived on friends couches for a little and had a brief stint of living in my car before I got back on my feet.

I continued journaling and writing while working on finding ways to get out of my situation. Overcoming the challenges was hard, but I always believed that there had to be more to my journey and that God wouldn’t get me this far to leave me there. Having faith definitely played a huge part.

Which creative people do you admire? Why?

I consider acting an art so I’ll say Dwayne Johnson - The Rock. I like his story of perseverance and overcoming obstacles and especially the way he’s taken charge of his success by being on top of his game in the acting world.

Who or what has helped you to persevere and not quit?

May sound cliche but my mom and my kids. They've been huge influences in my life without even knowing it especially because I want to share my success with them.

if we rely too much on the opinion of others we stunt what should come naturally

Do you believe that it is essential to be accepted by others as being creative or is just doing what you love to do enough to justify your work? Explain.

I do think acceptance plays a part. However, if we rely too much on the opinion of others, we stunt what should come naturally and cater to what is now expected, that's not freedom, that's confinement.

Has rejection ever affected your creative process? Explain.

I've failed too many times to count, and I'm still going, so I guess the answer would be NO!

Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt?

Doubt is connected to fear, so I think we all have doubt, the best way I know how to deal with it is to keep pressing forward. Continuing to not only believe in my writing but every day I try getting a bit better at it and being open to learning as much as I can along the way.

I didn’t come this far to give up now.

it’s okay to be challenged along life’s journey

What piece of work are you most proud? Why?

My book The Journey Continues - EVOLVE© as it has connected with a lot of people since released and I've been able to give copies to kids when I speak at schools.

What is your ultimate creative goal and how attainable do you think it is?

The ultimate goal is to keep writing and utilising the platform I have to help others see that it's okay to be challenged along life's journey, we all struggle from time to time, and speak to others not to motivate them alone but to encourage them to want more out of life.

Don’t be afraid to fail

What is the best advice you've received that helped you move forward on your creative journey?

Failure is part of success. Don't be afraid to fail. Embrace it.

To a young Creative emerging in your field, what advice would you give them?

Don't stop writing, even when no one is reading.

For what would you like to be most remembered?

Doing my part to help others succeed along their journey is what I would like to be remembered for.

If you were a crayon, what would be the name of your colour?

The name of my colour would be Fire Orange.

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