Get Started. What are you waiting for?

Get Started. What are you waiting for?

Hey there, it's the beginning of another week. So that means that we have an opportunity to create, design, sketch or make something that has been lurking in the shadows of our minds.

But yet, we could never get it started for one reason or the other. It could be for fear of failure (most common). Lack of resources (second runner up), or we're waiting on the right time. But guess what, whatever reason you come up with is not going to get you any closer to reaching your goal or living out that dream. All they do is suck the life out of that thing and keep you in an unfulfilled place.

What we need to do is get started. This doesn't mean that all those feelings and concerns are going to disappear. What it does mean though, is you're now one step closer to accomplishing your destiny. Here are a few points to remember when we feel the need to generate an excuse or two for not getting started.

Fear of failure: Without failure there would never be any success. Making mistakes are a huge part of the creative process. They help us to understand what works and what does not. 

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
— Winston Churchill

Lack of resources: While you may not have that million dollar investment that you need. You do have what it takes to get you there. Your passion to succeed is far more valuable. Your drive while putting in the work will yield it's own rewards. Start with what you have the rest will follow. A forest starts with a single seed.

The right time: It sounds sensible, but guess what? The right time doesn't exist. What does, is the here and now. If you're waiting on the opportunity fairy to pay you a visit and tell you "ooh this looks like a good time". She may never show up. So what then. As the saying goes "time waits on no man". Thus so, I do suggest you stop waiting on the right time and get started now.

You may delay, but time will not.
— Benjamin Franklin

Whether it's a big or small project, they both have one thing in common. Well maybe a few things. The most important then, is they need to begin before they can be. No one says that you have to rush. Take small deliberate steps to move you closer to the accomplishment of your goals. You can begin by putting your ideas on paper to flesh them out. Do a shitty first draft of that logo or business plan. Whatever it is you need to do to get the ball rolling do it.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. But if it wasn't started, it would have never been built at all.

A Creative Professional with over twenty years experience. Which he gained during his time spent at a few of Trinidad’s top advertising agencies. Then functioning as the Regional Creative head of the Caribbean’s largest retailer. Contributing to the development of the group’s regional marketing strategy. Forming the regional Design Strategy. Conceptualisation and execution of all creative, marketing and advertising communication for the group’s brands. With oversight of regional and local creative teams and creative processes. He continues to sharpen his creative edge. A passionate, twenty-four hour creative junky. Admirer of sexy typefaces, lover of words and aspiring life long learner. He is also the founder of A BigBox Of Crayons. An online and offline community for creative thinkers + makers in Trinidad & Tobago.