Jaime Lee Loy
It all comes from a very personal space that really matters to me.

Jaime Lee Loy is a contemporary artist, writer and entrepreneur. We caught up with her at her home had this what she shared with us. 

My contemporary art is quite intense and directly confronts things like violence in the domestic space, the fragility of permanence or loss. I faced a few things in my childhood that had me interested at a young age in exploring these things. This also transcended to me forming the not for profit programme with young children exploring art as self therapy. It all comes from a very personal space that really matters to me.

We asked, so what keeps you going? “Admittedly my art may have frightened people close to me in the past. Being so dark and honest it confronts topics people would often prefer to forget. Even with the programme I run with kids which is the opposite- because it took a toll on me at one point physically and financially. The people who cared for me maybe preferred I would have scaled back a long time ago.

I don’t think I would ever quit. It is who I am and I will be making until my last breath - whatever form it may take.

That aside my closest friends have always supported me and I am lucky to have a husband who for the last 7 years (being an artist himself) has always encouraged me because he knows how important it is to me. My daughter is herself artistic and the programme I started for kids is inspired by her. I don't think I would ever quit. It is who I am and I will be making until my last breath - whatever form it may take.”

When asked, what she would liked to be remembered for? she said “As someone who genuinely had something to say and who found successful ways to do it. But more so I hope that I impact real change and that what I call my purpose actually helps others. Life is short and I want to use it wisely.”

In the video below you will find out lots more about Jaime, her thoughts and her projects.

Connect with Jaime online. Find her Art here: jaimeleeloy.com
Project for kids: summerheroestt.com and SUPER ME FILM on Facebook
Creative Services: Trinidadhomestudio.com
Creative products: imaginationkeepsakes.com

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