3canal | Raw Big Love
“Maljo Blue Heart!! Counteract the Light!!”

Just one stinging word play from 3canal. 3canal has been one of the most successful Rapso acts within the Trinidad and Tobago industry to date. Their style: musical, production, and fashion - is distinctive; a fact that has helped them to sustain an ever growing international fan base since their debut in 1997, as they straddle the various branches of creative expression through their music, theatre productions, jouvay (J'ouvert) presentations and related merchandise. 

The 2015 carnival offering is the EP "RAW". With tracks Big Love, We Irie, Money Is The Problem, Stronger, Walk in Beauty and title track, Raw.

In this EP 3canal meets LAZAbeam alongside DJ RAWKUS in a brand new ground shaking sonic sensation...

A big drum boom bass pre apocalypto rapso vibration....

In perpetuation of the oral tradition,

For the edification of the children & the healing of the nation,

Heralding the evolution of the real revolution...

In response to what time it is & what’s going on & in anticipation of what is to come...

The tracks were written by Wendell Manwarren, Roger Roberts and Stanton Kewley and the EP was Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by LAZAbeam with additional programming by DJ Rawkus and Guitars by Kiwan Landreth Smith. Pre-production was done at The Blue Room in the Big Black Box and recording, mixing and mastering were done at Ground Empire Studios. A fave amongst the BBOC crew is Lord Shorty I (Ras Shorty I) sample of "Money is No Problem" on 3canal's "Money Is The Problem".

In keeping with the tradition of offering a total carnival experience, 3canal will also be hosting the Backyard Jam at the Big Black Box on Murray Street Woodbrook, continuing this Friday 23rd January 2015. Here DJ Rawkus will join 3canal and the Big Love Party in introducing emerging artistes to the soundscape. It is always edutaining and the big love is palpable.

The Annual Carnival spectacular that is The 3Canal Show,  now in its'  11th year will again be at Queen's Hall, with dates in February and will undoubtedly be a musical theatre dance spectacle comedy. T'would be wise to book your tickets in advance. 

Take a listen to the EP and let us know what you think.