Doing De Damn Ting

We create music, other things related to or inspired by music, art and creative expression.
— Detnator

Detnator Entertainment is a creative media company specialising in music and video production - a collaboration of the efforts of Baidawi, founder, producer and the technical arm of the team; Quincy, creative director, writer, and food blogger; and Spanna, producer and strategic thinker, also the head of their Toronto based outfit. The they produce music is largely experimental and spans across most genres. As a creative entity, Detnator has existed for fifteen years.

We asked,  what does one do, when one lives in a country that does not have a real music industry, but one desires to make a living off of music? They answered, and threw in a bonus track too! 

"Who the hell knows? But the approach that our 3 member creative team took was basically 'Do de damn ting'. At the core of what we do is the desire to stay true to autonomy, mastery and purpose. Though we desire money (and we get ours, because our rims need to stay chrome too), money has never been the driving force behind what we do."

They elaborate...


"We take pride in doing things our way. And our way is to keep it original. This is not just about the music we make, but also how we choose to market our products. What we’ve done is lean on our Art & design schooling to develop our skills in videography, photography, graphic design, writing, advertising, etc. Then we use these skills to create various projects that create avenues for our music. For example, when we partnered with Publicis Caribbean to produce Lyrics Like a Boss for Angostura LLB, we did the shooting, audio and editing of featured entertainers freestyling on our original beat as host Valdez Brooks took them on the road in the LLB1. In other words, we chose not to limit ourselves to the usual channels of selling albums and politicking for radio play."


"It’s important that we keep getting better and keep making things around us better. Back in 2002 we partnered with Zigwa to do a street side open mic event called Zigwa. It was the launch pad for a lot of local performers. It was the first a lot of people got to hear names like Gita Dan, Chromatics, Make It Hapn and LVT. It was the first time some groups like Kayotics got to hear themselves on a mic. It was an innovative, ground breaking event that got a lot of people started. That’s what we live for."


"The first answer to the question 'Why do you all do what you do?' is 'Because we can'. Our parents are musicians, so we grew up around music. Music is what we can do. But the other answer is 'Because it’s how we express ourselves and send messages out'. Considering an artist as somebody with something to say, our work is our statement. We hope that what we do acts as an example to people in the industry as well as people now entering."

We like what we've seen and heard from Detnator so far, and expect more exciting and creative expressions from them. Listen to this track. A Private room remix of Bunji Garlin's Red Light District. Let us know what you think. Leave a comment. 

For more Detnator, check out their website, follow them on Facebook as they continue to do de damn ting. We will be.