Bespoke Designer for the Bride.

Ciao! Meet Shaunelle Ramesar Bespoke Designer for the Bride. She designs and creates beautiful custom handmade jewelry and accessories both exquisitely and exclusively for the Bride and her Bridal Party.

Shaunelle. creations are handcrafted using luxurious Swarovski crystals, pearls and much more.  To compliment the special day, she also creates one-of-a-kind bespoke handmade wedding stationery.

Photos by: Charles Parris Studios (right) & Scrole Visionn (left).

As a designer, her aim is to create an unequivocal unique and beautiful experience for every bride no matter their budget. Her bespoke design service caters to all.

The Design Process.

"Working directly with a client is always personally fulfilling. While some clients approach me without any ideas, leaving the entire process solely up to me, there are others who have specific ideas and want to bring it to life. So I enjoy this collaborative process of combining my design skills and experience with their unique vision."

How did you start designing?

"The Rastafarian craftsmen in St. Vincent inspired me. During my childhood summer vacations on the island, I was always drawn to them selling their handmade beaded jewelry creations in the market, which I purchased from my penny savings every time I visited. Jewelry making turned into a self-taught hobby after repairing a broken piece.

A hobby blossomed into a little home-based business and I continued to learn, develop and creatively explore the world of Fashion, Jewelry & Design.

I completed my Design studies abroad in Milan, Italy and returned to Trinidad for a girlfriend’s wedding. It was in this moment I found my creative focus within the Bridal Industry, after outfitting her with my handmade bridal creations for her special day."

Visit Shaunelle. on her website. Contact her by email to arrange your own bespoke pieces or gift it to your favourite Bride!